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Sprinkler System Maintenance

Thousands of people every year get hit with a high water bill because they had no idea they had a leak in their sprinkler system. This is why we think that an annual sprinkler system check should be done right after winter, but before you start watering.

We recommend shutting the system down for the winter. The only thing needing watering then is winter flowers, but you don’t want to risk freezing your lines. Also, water can run down the sidewalk and freeze at night, creating a safety hazard. With that being said, an inspection of your irrigation system can be done right after winter in order to catch any broken pipes or heads a long with other issues that you may have.

These are the things we look for when we come out:

  • Pipes and Lines - It’s important to check all irrigation mains and laterals for leaks and cracks. Do this even if you’ve inspected the system in the fall, because it’s possible for water left in the line to freeze and cause damage and leaks. Even if the system has been drained completely, roots can sometimes grow around the lines and crack them.

  • Sprinkler heads and rotors - Like irrigation lines, sprinkler heads can be damaged by freezing water, so it’s important to turn the water on in the spring and check each one to be sure it’s functioning properly. Sprinkler heads do have a life span, so check for normal wear and tear and replace any that seem to be on their way out. The cheap ones from big-box retailers don’t hold up long at all.

It's very important to check you system and walk your yard monthly. Whether it's dead spots in your yard or water puddling up at places, these things can be prevented in you have your sprinkler system inspected regularly.

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