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Why Letting a Professional Install Your Sprinkler System is Important

The dream of every house owner is a lush green lawn and a vibrant garden; the aesthetics these add to the view of the house cannot be underestimated. However, this cannot be achieved with just regular watering. A well-designed and properly installed sprinkler system is required to achieve a perfectly shaped landscape.


Although DIY might seem like the best installation option, especially for the budget-conscious, the risk involved usually outweighs the saving cost. Therefore, the need to opt for a professional installation service isn't for the luxury of it; rather, to maximize efficiency, longevity, and, above all, your own peace of mind.


Before trying to install the sprinkler yourself, consider the following reasons why you need to hire a professional to install your home sprinkler system.


Why Choose Professional Sprinkler Installation Service?


1. Expertise and Experience


Professional installers have acquired many years of experience and expertise, which they bring to the table. A professional installer understands irrigation systems and knows how to install the sprinkler system properly. The technical know-how differentiates a professional installer from a DIY in that a professional would consider the following while a DIY would not:


  • The layout of the landscape and taking accurate measurements.

  • Mapping out sprinkler patterns and what each landscape would need.

  • The best model, type, and right size of sprinkler system

  • Proper placement and maximizing water pressure.

  • How to protect your water supply from floods.

  • Structure in a backup from your mum line sewer clogs.

  • The right equipment for the job.




The knowledge a professional installer has acquired allows them to design and install a tailored system for your specific needs. 

While it is also possible for a DIY to figure this out, they might not be able to deal with some hurdles that a professional would have outgrown. And that would come from years of experience and practice with different sprinkler systems, thereby ensuring your sprinkler's optimal functioning and efficiency.


For a DIY, it is easy to miss out on the key areas when planning and mapping out an irrigation system, which can lead to underwatering or overwatering, dead plants, struggle with backflows, and lots more, which you would have to deal with. 

However, a professional installer brings their experience and expertise right to your home, making installing your home sprinkler system much simpler.



2. Proper Design and Planning


A well-maintained garden or lawn enhances the beauty of your home. Landscapes differ from each other. Therefore, installing a sprinkler system is the most effective way to achieve a lush lawn or a vibrant garden. Your grasses are evenly watered and healthy, keeping it vibrant throughout the year.  

A professional installer considers the following factors before designing a suitable system: the soil type, the slope, the plant's species and its water requirements, and local climate conditions. 

This helps ensure that water is evenly and efficiently distributed, promoting the overall health of plant growth and preventing overwatering or underwatering, which can lead to plant death, plant stress, plant disease, and wasted water. 

A professionally designed and planned installation results in a thriving lawn or garden while effectively and efficiently minimizing water consumption.


3. Quality Equipment and Materials


An average DIY will not consider the type that will be needed in professional installation. To them, it's simply to couple a few tubes and some sprinklers. 

Some might even make the mistake of buying what's not needed or a smaller or bigger size of an equipment. However, when you hire a professional installer, you're confident that only the right or the highest quality equipment and materials will be used. 

Every piece of equipment and materials is selected based on its performance, durability, reliability, and longevity, from the pipes and fittings to the valves, the sprinkler heads, and the controllers. 

They also have a wide variety of specialized tools and equipment that they can use. Professional installers get the job done quicker, properly, and more efficiently. They also double-check their work to ensure a better performance of your installations.


4. Time and Cost Savings


Although installing a sprinkler system by a professional may seem expensive, it will save you more money in the long run.

DIY can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. For instance, digging trenches and laying pipes, troubleshooting leaks, and adjusting sprinkler heads can really be overwhelming for the average homeowner. 

By hiring a professional, you're saving yourself the stress, hassle, and frustration while also minimizing the risk of costly mistakes.


The cost of buying the tools and equipment needed for installation, the time you will spend installing the system (not to mention repairing any mistakes that occur along the way), and also the energy and labor involved, hiring a professional will take care of that for you. 

You wouldn't have to be agitated or worried about whether you installed it right or not.


Professionals know how to access the best-quality parts, materials, and tools to guarantee your sprinkler system's efficiency. 

They can negotiate to get better deals on parts, as they buy in bulk. Thereby saving you more money indirectly. The mistake of buying sub-standard materials, which can result in frequent sprinkler repairs and replacement, is associated with DIYs.


Also, hiring a professional installer saves you more money on water bills in the long run. They will get you the best maximum coverage possible without wasting water because they believe delivering the best products at the best possible rate will help them keep you as a customer.


5. Safety


Attempting to install a sprinkler system on your own can be very dangerous. 

First of all, sprinkler installation involves working with electricity and water and digging trenches, which can be hazardous if not done properly and correctly. 

You're also prone to mistakes and errors that can cost you more money than planned. Professional installers have the necessary safety equipment needed for installation and know how and when to use them properly. 

They also know what to do in every situation. All you have to do is sit back and worry less about accidents or injuries while the installation is done.



6. Maintenance, Repairs and Insurance


When issues arise, it is quicker to identify and solve because you hired a professional company for your installations. They can also do maintenance and repairs when needed. 

A professional installer has experience and can identify and solve issues that may occur with your sprinkler system. You don't have to waste time trying to get what the problem is or attempting to fix it yourself. 

A professional can recommend high-quality sprinkler systems and handle future maintenance or upgrades.


Some installation companies also offer insurance for their services, so paying for any sprinkler repairs or maintenance that may be needed in the future won't bother you.



The Risks Involved in DIY Installation


Attempting to install a sprinkler system without the necessary experience and expertise can be very risky. It can lead to many problems and headaches in the long run. Here are a few risks associated with installing your sprinkler system yourself:


Improper Setup

A DIY installation has no technical know-how of a professional installer and may lead to potential leaks or system failure due to proper setup. 

A sprinkler system must be properly installed to function effectively, and this can be done by a professional installer.


Water Damage

An improperly installed sprinkler can cause water damage, leading to inefficient water distribution and waste of resources. Hiring a professional installer company for your sprinkler system can avoid this financial burden.


Frozen Pipes

A professional knows the best season for installations. For instance, installing sprinklers during winter can lead to frozen pipes, which the average DIY might not know. 

A frozen pipe may crack or break, thereby disrupting the system's functionality. By seeking a professional, they guide you through.


Damaged Underground Materials

Another risk of DIY installation is damage to underground materials such as gas lines, electrical cables, or sewer pipes in the process of installing or covering.



DIYs risk inadequate backflow prevention due to lack of adequate knowledge, which poses health risks when the water supply is contaminated.


Voided Warranties

Many companies offer warranties on their sprinkler system equipment, but they may be voided if the system is not properly installed or used.  

When you hire a professional to install your sprinkler system, you protect your investment with warranty coverage.


System Malfunctioning

There's a high risk of system malfunctions, leaks, and frequent and costly repairs, which can be avoided by simply allowing a professional to do your installations.




Bottom Line


Installing a home sprinkler system helps you save time and money and also keeps your landscape looking its best. 

However, as much as DIY can be fulfilling, some projects are best left to the professionals to handle. Professional installations ensure efficiency, long-term reliability, and peace of mind. With professional expertise and experience, they offer the best quality materials, customized design, and compliance with installation regulations.


It is important to have your sprinkler system correctly installed. Simply put, if you want your home sprinkler system set up right, you need a professional to handle it. Choose expertise over DIY!

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